Predict Intelligence.

sourcewerk provides tailor-made solutions for industrial analytics.

You want to deploy data science and artificial intelligence within your organization? We bridge gaps between departments and processes to integrate data for analysis, using state-of-the-art methods from statistics and machine learning.

This results in increased efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantages through enhanced process understanding, precise process models, and deep automation.

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Solutions and Products


sourcewerk Stream integrates all data streams in your organization to enable real-time analytics, visualization, machine learning, and optimization.

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sourcewerk Analytics is a consulting service that offers data-based decision support, data-based forecasting, and data-based process optimization, based on our ground-breaking methodology.

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sourcewerk NDT puts quality data into context. Quantify the effects of hundreds of process parameters on product quality through visualization and machine learning.

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sourcewerk Search provides centralized search, analysis, and visualization for all data in your organization. Receive relevant results and analyses in real-time.

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