sourceWERK Analytics

Automatic Analytics.

sourcewerk Analytics is a consulting service that offers data-based decision support, data-based forecasting, and data-based process optimization, based on our ground-breaking methodology.

Conventional analytics solutions are unable to cope with the size and complexity of today's data sets. Instead of offering insights, they drown you in semi-relevant reports and visualizations, that are complex, inefficient, and expensive.

sourcewerk Analytics solves these problems through computing power, revolutionary algorithms, and large-scale automation.

The automated machine learning tools of sourcewerk Analytics deliver in minutes what took days of hard work by skilled experts. Data analysis has never been as agile and efficient.

A typical sourcewerk Analytics project has six steps:

1 Define Objectives

Regardless whether the goal is process optimization, identification of KPI-drivers, knowledge discovery or forecasting: The first step of every analytics project is the definition of clear project objectives, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, that are used to measure project success.

2 Acquire Data

Transform Big Data to Smart Data— based on project objectives, we support you in selecting or acquiring relevant data.

3 Build Model

Precise models are key to successful analytics projects. Our revolutionary algorithms test millions of hypotheses per second, delivering optimal models for your data.

4 Simulate Process

Enter into dialog with your data. Model-based simulation enables precise forecasts and provides answers to "What if?". Simulation in sourcewerk Analytics is interactive: Discovery of potential for innovation and optimization becomes effortless.

5 Optimize Process

Realize the full potential of your modeled data and processes: sourcewerk Analytics supports you with state-of-the-art methods for robust multi-objective optimization. Among other tasks, our approach helps in identifying the optimal balance between quality and cost.

6 Validate Solution

Objective achieved: A detailed statistical validation ensures that you can rely on your results.

Applicable Everywhere

sourcewerk Analytics is applied where data is collected to enable discovery where knowledge has an important competitive advantage; especially where sustainable and substantiated decisions are imperative: in Industry, Commerce, Science, Finance, Insurance, and Administration.


  • Process Optimization and Quality Control
  • Prevention of Unscheduled Downtime
  • Optimization, e.g. of Recipes or Alloys
  • Predictive Quality Management


  • Identification of KPI-Drivers
  • Market Research and Online-Marketing
  • Assessment of CRM-Measures
  • Forecasting of Consumer Decisions


  • Automatic Data Modeling
  • Identification of Main Influences
  • Regression and Classification
  • Cluster Analysis


  • Securities Analysis
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Development of Custom Indicators
  • Trading Strategy Development


  • Risk Management
  • Discovery of Critical Factors and Cluster Risks
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis


  • Transparency, Open Data and Open Government
  • Data-Driven Policy Making
  • Evaluation of Social Policies
  • Urban Planning and Smart Cities

Six Reasons for sourcewerk Analytics



You provide the objective, we deliver the rest. sourcewerk Analytics is a one-stop data analysis solution with perfectly aligned process steps.



sourcewerk Analytics provides clear and relevant results that deliver direct value. We work directly with you to efficiently put these results to work.



sourcewerk Analytics uses revolutionary algorithms that provide maximal automation to the model building process. Millions of model hypotheses are tested each second, resulting in highly relevant results in record time.



sourcewerk Analytics's algorithms uncover the true relationships hidden in your data. Even highly complex non-linear relationships in high-dimensional data are modeled precisely.



Models generated by sourcewerk Analytics are validated through statistical methods and offer excellent extrapolation performance. You receive models you can depend on.



Ultimately, sourcewerk Analytics is about solving business problems. Instead of leaving you with complex reports, we support the implementation of your new found knowledge on every level.