Designing, implementing and supporting excellent software systems for big data and machine learning is our mission. Our solutions are simple, extensible, and highly effective.

We are a young, Dortmund-based software company combining practical experience and comprehensive education to provide us with an edge for solving complex tasks. We offer simple solutions, flexible processes, and open software. We strive for reliable and long-term relationships with our customers.

Regardless of size or industry sector, all our customers today rely on complex software infrastructures that have grown over a long time frame. Instead of drowning in complexity, we are inspired by advanced possibilities. Our software systems integrate data and processes from existing applications, making them instantly available. Based on that data, our ground-breaking data science methods and software tools automatically extract, report and visualize relevant information.

We offer comprehensive expert knowledge in the areas of analytics, data science, simulation, optimization, as well as in technical and business oriented application software. Furthermore, we offer extensive know-how in software technology, machine learning, data mining, statistical modeling, physics, mathematics, and project management. This know-how is available to our clients on a project-basis.