sourceWERK Search

Instant Access to Information.

Find relevant information in milliseconds — from email, databases or any other data source. sourcewerk Search is like Google for your corporate data.

Instant access to relevant information provides a key advantage to your organization. Yet, in classical IT, data is locked up in isolated silos containing emails, documents, databases and much more. Evolving technology only intensifies this problem, creating new silos, with existing ones nearly doubling in size every two years. If you can't find your data, is it really there?

sourcewerk Search provides centralized search, analysis, and visualization for all data in your organization. Receive relevant results instantly while entering keywords. Use advanced search tools custom-tailored to your data. Even search structured data, photos, or audio by keyword or by content.

Your employees are provided with instant access to relevant information, enabling optimal data-driven decisions, increasing productivity measurably. Your customers are pleased by quick response times and competent contacts that keep to the point. Your entire organization gains in performance and agility.

By using advanced algorithms for indexing and ranking, sourcewerk Search can search your entire data pool in milliseconds. New data objects are available for searching within one second. At the same time, built-in security based on industry standards ensures that your data is always safe from unauthorized access.

The technological basis of sourcewerk Search is used to routinely index and search petabytes — thousands of terabytes — of data every day, for example at Wikipedia.

sourcewerk Search is deployed on-premises as a virtual machine, a single dedicated server, or a server cluster, depending on data set size and performance requirements. From there, it is always available to all authorized employees anywhere.

sourcewerk Search integrates all corporate data in real time.

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sourcewerk Search in Detail


Email, documents, files, ERP, or CRM, on premises or in the cloud: sourcewerk Search searches all data in your organization. Interfacing custom software is quick and efficient.


The state-of-the-art ranking algorithms in sourcewerk Search ensure relevant results. Relevance scoring can be tuned in detail to provide a perfect fit to your requirements.


In-memory database technology provides results in milliseconds, even on petabytes of data and thousands of concurrent users. Get relevant results before you finish typing.


sourcewerk Search leverages research in database theory, linguistics, and statistics to process structured and unstructured data with equally high efficiency. The exact specification of the required search result is easily possible with an integrated expert search.


All your data is secured by industry-standard mechanisms for encryption and access control. This includes the search index, as well as search queries and search results. sourcewerk Search connects to standard directory services and supports single sign-on.


Source relevant information without action on your part. sourcewerk Search provides automatic news feeds, reports, and dashboards for analytics. Additionally, it is a perfect base for sourcewerk Analytics.


sourcewerk Search technology is routinely employed in indexing and searching petabytes of data every day. A sourcewerk Search installation is flexible and grows with your data.


Ultimately, sourcewerk Search is about solving business problems. Instead of leaving you alone with a complex software solution, we support you in converting instant information to a clear competitive edge.


Open up perspectives, realize potential: sourcewerk Search provides measurable value to your organization, employees, and customers.

Current surveys conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) make it very clear that data size and complexity is increasing rapidly, leading to immense costs for organizations. Already in 2011, each employee spent 8% of working hours searching for information.

sourcewerk Search solves this problem completely and sustainably. Your employees are instantly provided with relevant information. Your customers can rely on competent contacts. Your organization becomes even more performant and agile.

sourcewerk Search realizes significant cost reductions through time savings:

With employees spending % of their working hours searching for information, and at staff costs of € per employee and month, your organization will save 0 € per day, 0 € per month, and 0 € per year.

Request a Demo.

If you like, we'll import a representative sample of your data into a demo version of sourcewerk Search. This way, you can evaluate our solution on your own data.