sourceWERK Stream

All Data Under Your Control.

sourcewerk Stream integrates all data streams in your organization to enable real-time analytics, visualization, machine learning, and optimization.

Current and relevant data are key to successful data science projects. Yet, the classical approach of loading data into a data warehouse for daily analysis does not keep up with high-volume, high-velocity machine-generated data. That is why many organizations lose valuable data, every day.

sourcewerk Stream solves this problem through scalable data stream processing: Every single event in your organization is centrally captured, processed and instantly delivered to users, machines, applications, and databases. If needed, this works for billions of events per second. Legacy systems and databases can be connected as needed, through a wide range of existing connectors.

As the central nervous system of your organization, sourcewerk Stream taps into data silos, significantly reduces integration costs of new intelligent applications, and empowers your employees to innovate with data.

Diagramm sourcewerk Stream




sourcewerk Stream is a central hub delivering data streams to users and systems in a unified format. In the past, each new application required the development of interfaces to all relevant existing data sources. With sourcewerk Stream, you only need to integrate your systems once.


Real Time

Through scalable data stream processing, sourcewerk Stream provides current data at all times. On average, it takes less than 100 milliseconds to capture an event at the source system, integrate it with additional data, process and deliver it to users and target systems.


Future Proof

sourcewerk Search efficiently stores all data streams in scalable event queues. For the first time, historical and live data streams are conceptually unified. You don't need to wait months or years for machine learning applications to collect enough data to become effective. Instead, you can start instantly.



sourcewerk Stream is elastically scalable. This means that throughput, latency, storage capacity and computing power can be adapted to changing requirements, without taking the system offline. This is achieved simply by adding or removing resources in your data center or in the cloud.



sourcewerk Stream is based on Apache Kafka, the leading platform for data stream processing. A rich selection of software and services are available through third parties. Additionally, more and more software systems provide direct interfaces to Apache Kafka.



sourcewerk Stream supports modern standards for authentication of users and systems, for network and storage data encryption, as well as detailed access privileges. For the first time, it is possible to centrally manage the security of all data streams in your organization.